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CNC Components

CNC Drive Kits
CNC Drive Kits
Whatever your CNC Drive requirements, we can supply our extensive range of 'economical' stepper drives/motors, servo drives/motors and our new digital brushed drive and motors. The stepper drives take clock and direction with our brushed and brushless also having both options of step and direction or an analogue input. We can supply low power up to high power drives to suit your needs
CNC Controllers
CNC Controllers
From a full CNC touch screen 'stand alone' controller down to a powerful compact pendant controller, we can provide a lot of your controller to suit your needs and to complement our extensive drives range. We also provide PC based (PCI) controllers or stand alone controllers that can interface in serial or Ethernet communications.
CNC Ballscrews, Rails and Bearings
CNC Ballscrews, Rails and Linear Guides
We have an extensive range of mechanical components which include ball screws, rails, bearings, linear guides etc for our customers to mount into their machines, these can be supplied pre-machined to suit your requirements. We can also provide complete linear stages if required.