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CNC Controllers

CNC Controller 2
CNC Pendant Controller
The MO-CON501 CNC Pendant Controller with built-in DSP (digital signal processor) reads G-code or PLT programs (text file) from a USB memory stick or its internal memory, freeing up using your PC. The controller then converts it into an output signal to the motor drives. It also provides digital outputs to control a spindle motor (up to 16 speeds).
Motion Control Products New PCI MOTION CONTROL CARD and GNC FOR WINDOWS software will allow you to quickly build a control system to your own specific needs. The flexibility to offer you a simple single axis control or multi axis motion control system. The user friendly operator interface is created using a selection of fonts, colour's and bitmaps giving a unique custom feel. Displaying as much or as little information as you choose, making operator training quick and easy.
CNC Controller 3
MicroVision Box
When the frequent use of CAD/CAM programs are required, it's necessary to equip the machine with a PC, to which also the interface man/machine is entrusted. Adopting the Box solution, available for all our controllers, it's possible to interface PC in Ethernet or with serial using communication libraries which can be easily usable in Windows ambience.
CNC Controller 4
MicroVision Light
Dedicated for the management of simple machines or flexible equipments, it integrates in a sole complete and compact device HMI, PLC and CNC functions assuring an excellent relation price / performances, ideal for a wide range of applications.
CNC Controller 1
MicroVision Plus
An "All In One" solution conceived to make the evolved "touch screen" interface usable also for limited budget applications. Graphic controller, integrated "On Board", assures a reasonable price but it's limited to 4 axis management even if there are 2 counting stages for incremental line driver encoders available.