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Tolomatic BCS/MCS Screw Drive Linear Actuators

Tolomatic BCS/MCS & SLS/MLS Linear Actuators
The BCS/MCS and SLS/MLS series of Electric linear actuators from Tolomatic utilise a band type retention system that provides a tight metal-to-metal seal without the use of dust collecting magnets. Two different styles are available - BCS/MCS rodless screw actuator and SLS/MLS linear slide series.

BCS/MCS Rodless Screw Actuator

  • 3 different body sizes in English and metric models
  • 12 screw/nut combinations
  • Self-lubricating bearing rods pass force directly to cylinder tube
  • Superior load support and controlled minimum friction load
  • Load carrying capacities up to 35.7kN (8032 lbf)
  • Strokes in any incremental length up to 4547mm (179 inches)

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SLS/MLS Linear Slide Actuator

  • Low-profile, space sensitive design
  • 1 body size in English and metric models
  • 4 English and 3 metric screw/nut combinations
  • Pre-engineered, load-supporting, fully enclosed
  • Recirculating bearings on ground steel shafts offer consistent carrier tracking and long actuator life

Datasheet Download Download Datasheet