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The ERD Electric Rod-style Actuators

The ERD Electric Rod-style Actuator
The ERD actuators from Tolomatic are a range of economical rod-style electric actuators designed as an alternate to non-repairable pneumatic cylinders with the added benefit of greater control of speed, acceleration and force, and an option for automating manual processes. The ERD actuators deliver forces of up to 3500N at speeds of up to 1,473mm/s. The acme leadscrews are available in three lead sizes per model to optimise speed or force.

The actuators, which come with metric-threaded rod-ends, can accommodate six different sensing or switching technologies including reed, solid-state PNP or NPN, normally open, flying leads or quick-disconnect. The switches are activated by a magnet inside the thrust tube.

In addition, the ERD actuator is available with all stainless steel and IP69k options which makes it the ideal hygienic actuator for the food & beverage processing environment. Also it is ideal for the applications in packaging and processing industries such as pick & place, assembly, gating & sorting/diverting and aligning etc.

The ERD actuator range has six body sizes available (ERD06, ERD10, ERD15, ERD20, ERD25 & ERD30) and is compatible with many NEMA & metric mount stepper and servo motors to create a flexible, powerful electric actuator solution. Built-to-order in stroke lengths up to 48 inches (1.2 metre).

  • 6 different body sizes
  • Ball, acme and roller screw choices
  • Thrust capabilities up to 34999N
  • Strokes length up to 1200mm (48 inches)
  • Guide / Anti-rotate options
  • Automate manual processes efficiently and inexpensively
  • Compatible with many NEMA standard stepper and servo motors
  • Flexible mounting options, e.g. trunnion mount, foot mount and front flange mount
  • Reed, solid state PNP or NPN switches
  • Perfect for product change over, gating, sorting or diverting applications

There are four different designs to meet variable industrial applications:
  • Standard design as Pneumatic replacement (size from ERD06, ERD10, ERD15 to ERD20)
  • ERD actuators with guided option (size from ERD06, ERD10, ERD15 to ERD20)
  • ERD actuators stainless steel with high force for washdown (USDA approved) (size from ERD22, ERD25 to ERD30)
  • ERD actuators stainless steel with motor protective enclosure, IP rating up to IP69K (size from ERD10, ERD15 to ERD20)
  • The ERD Electric Actuator Size Group
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