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SIMO® Low Profile Actuator Range Components

SIMO® Low Profile Actuator Series Components

At the core of the SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform is a SIMO® qualified linear rail. The Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation qualifies the rail to tolerances that have 6x less bow, 2x less twist, and 2x better flatness. The result is a base rail with machined precision at aluminium extrusion prices.

The SIMO® Series rails are available as components combined with 3 options of bearing tribology’s for the carriage; self-lubricating FrelonGOLD®plain bearings which are ideally suited for contaminated environments, V-wheel roller bearings for high speed applications, and profile rail linear guide ways with recirculating ball bearings for rigidity and precision.

Motor and Drive Systems
GST Range

The GST (Gliding Surface Technology) range of the SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform features the self-lubricating FrelonGOLD® linear bearings.

  • Low cost
  • Excellent in contaminated environments
  • Maintenance free performance
  • Excellent in contaminated environments
  • No metal-to-metal contact
  • Good vibration damping and shock resistance
  • Smooth and quiet operation
Motor and Drive Systems
CRT Range

The CRT (Cam Roller Technology) range of the SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform features V-Guide Wheel linear bearings.

  • Suited for high speed applications up to 5 m/s
  • Increased cantilevered load abilities
  • Suitable for contaminated environments
  • RC60 hardened 420 stainless steel raceway extends bearing life
  • Patent pending side preload adjustment feature
Motor and Drive Systems
RRT Range

The PRT (Profile Rail Technology) range of the SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform features recirculating ball bearing blocks and profile rails.

  • Suited for applications up to 3 m/s
  • Profile Rail Size: 7 mm recirculating ball bearing blocks
  • Provides increased stiffness and rigidity for cantilevered load

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