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Gantry Systems

Gantry Systems Gantry Systems Gantry Systems

Motion Control Products now offers a range of Direct Drive Linear Motor driven Gantries to suit our customer requirements. These can be supplied either as a full system, i.e: complete with drives, controller, granite or steel baseplate with welded support frame or as a standalone unit to match customer's requirements. Typical applications range from laser cutting, electronic manufacturing, assembly to vision systems and industrial automation. A range of gantries are available as standard configurations or custom designed to suit the application.

Main benefits of Direct Drive Linear Motor driven Gantries, due to the fact that the linear motors and encoders are directly coupled to the moving carriage and not through any gearing, include high speed and acceleration, high resolution, repeatability and accuracy. Typical speeds of upto 3-5m/sec and acceleration of 2-3g are achievable, depending upon load/duty cycle.

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