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SW1RU Harmonic Gearbox

SW1RU Harmonic Gearbox

The SW range of harmonic gearboxes is offered in seven different sizes with ratios up to 200:1 and 450 Nm output torque in one stage which is normally associated with two to three stages in other planetary gearboxes, with a backlash accuracy of better 30 arc seconds. Using a high accuracy ball reducer technology, high inertial loads can be positioned accurately at speed. The gearboxes are extremely quiet and are very compact and can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are mounted using a circular flange with threaded holes.

SW1RU Harmonic Gearbox Features

  • Backlash 30 arc-seconds
  • Better loading capacity and bigger transmission ratio
  • High efficiency and longer life
  • Compact and light weight
  • Impact resistant, Smooth transmission, high precision and low noise

Typical applications include rotary tables, positioning systems, SCARA robots, pick and place and a range of cutting machines.

SW1RU Harmonic Gearbox Application Highlights

Datasheet DownloadDatasheet: SW1RU Harmonic Gearbox