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NT Hollow-shaft Helical Gearbox

NT Hollow-shaft Helical Gearbox

The compact NT range of large hollow-shaft helical gearbox enables a compact reducer giving an output torque associated with longer motor/planetary gearbox designs. So the motor and the gearbox can now fit into spaces that normal geared units can not met.The large hollow shaft can feed through cables, piping, shaft associated with the machine application.

The gearboxes can be fitted with either brushed or brushless motors and stepper motors to suit the applications, with high inertial loads being positioned with high accuracy and speed using a integrated cross roller bearing.

With three different sizes giving an output torque of up to 36Nm, with high backlash accuracy of 30 arc-seconds, higher ratios can be achieved by using together with our GNP planetary gearbox or WS series right angle gearboxes.

Features & benefits: NT Hollow-shaft Helical Gearbox:

  • High precision
  • Low backlash (30 arc-sec.)
  • Large hollow rotary platform
  • Accurate and stable / fast position in inertia load (Cross roller bearing)
  • Direct fit and space saving: no belt pulley nor coupling needed, compared to ordinary mechanism design

Typical applications include indexing tables, laser cutting machines etc.

Datasheet DownloadDatasheet: NT Hollow-shaft Helical Gearbox