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WS Right-angle Gearbox

WS Right-angle Gearbox

The WS range of right angle gearboxes are a high quality, low backlash range for the applications where a flexible range of coupling using our hollow shaft is required. This compact gearbox with a patented design, which can give space saving compared to other much larger right angle gearboxes, has a low backlash with down to 1 arc minute achievable, which makes it ideal in most applications.

With six available sizes giving a continuous torque output of up to 200Nm, applications already achieved including ‘flip over’ tables, X-Y machines, gantry's connecting axis together precisely using either screws or solid lay shafts.

Features & Benefits: WS Right-angle Gearbox

  • Low backlash (1 arc-min)
  • high rigidity (patented design)
  • Hollow output shaft
  • High efficiency
  • Small dimensions/ space saving

Datasheet DownloadDatasheet: WS Right-angle Gearbox