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Lexium 32 Servo Drives & Servomotors System

With a power range from 150W to 7kW, the Schneider Lexium 32 series servo drive and motor system are introduced as our new advanced package of servomotor and servo drive combination, to complement our other MCP servo system families of DSD/LSM economic servo system and ProNet series standard servo system.
Schneider Lexium 32 Servo System: From 0.15kW to 7kW for maximum performance

LexiumTM 32 is a servo drive range with three servo drive models and two servo motor families (BMH and BSH) plus an intelligent selection of options. It provides OEMs and end users with the drive and motor combination that has exactly the right power, performance and functionality and that comes at the right price.

The book-size Lexium 32 servo drive with servo motor system packs maximum power into minimum volume. This saves on cabinet space and size, reduces the machine footprint and decreases costs. Lexium 32 also offers an impressive overload capacity of 400%.


  • Processing, packaging
  • Material handling
  • Textile industry
  • Printing
  • Material working


  • Three book-size servo drive models (Lexium 32 Compact, Lexium 32 Advanced and Lexium 32 Modular) and two servo motor families (BMH range- extremely versatile, medium inertia, and BSH range- highly dynamic, low inertia)
  • A full range of intelligent options to be chosen from
    • Three external encoder modules
    • Safety module
    • Large variety of fieldbus modules
    • I/O extension module

  • Lexium 32 simplifies all aspects in the machine lifecycle from engineering to maintenance
  • Superior performance and compact design
    • A speed bandwidth of 1,600 Hz provides outstanding response
    • With a power density of 548 W/l Lexium 32 packs maximum power into minimum volume

  • Simplified engineering, installation and commissioning
    • Powerful integration software (SoMove) simplifies the entire process from planning to commissioning
    • The new Autotuning function (three modes) makes tuning easier than ever before
    • Lexium 32 offers a host of features for rapid installation and maintenance e. g. removable, colour-coded connectors
    • Optional memory card for a quick parameterization of the drives without PC

  • Open for the world of motion
    • Lexium 32 supports a wide selection of interfaces for fast integration into architectures, including +/- 10V or pulse train input, CANopen or CANmotion, Device net, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT
    • Communication boards, encoder options and accessories adapt your Lexium 32 solution
    • Leverage the full power of existing assets such as applications or legacy motors

  • Integrated safety
    • "Safe Torque Off" on board (IEC/EN 61800-5-2) for shorter downtimes and less wiring
    • The optional enhanced safety module eSM frees you from the hassle of devising complex, proprietary safety concepts. Access to SS1, SS2, SOS and SLS safety functions (IEC/EN 61800-5-2)

Technical Specification Table

SERVO DRIVES Lexium 32 Compact Lexium 32 Advanced Lexium 32 Modular
Voltage range 110-240VAC, 1-phase; 380-480VAC, 3-phase
Power range 0.15kW - 7kW
On board:

+/- 10 V or Pulse train input

On board:

CANopen or CANmotion

On board:

CANopen / CANmotion; DeviceNet; PROFIBUS DP; EtherNet/IP; EtherCAT

Commissioning interface Modbus Modbus Modbus
Embedded safety "Safe Torque Off" "Safe Torque Off" "Safe Torque Off"
Other options Memory card Memory card
Memory card; Enhanced safety module eSM; 2nd encoder module; I/O module

Motor frame size (mm) 70, 100, 140, 190, 205 50, 70, 100, 140
Continuous stall torque range 1.2 - 84Nm 0.5 - 33.4Nm
Rated speed 1200 - 5000rpm 2500 – 6000rpm
Inertia Medium inertia (factor 2.4) Low inertia (factor 1)
Position resolution with Lexium 32 32.768 or 131.768 131.768
Single-turn X1 X1
Multiturn X4.096 X4.096
Options Keyed shaft, angled connectors, brake, IP65 or IP67 (compressed air) Keyed shaft, angled connectors, brake, IP65 or IP67 (compressed air)

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