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Estun ProNet Servo System

ProNet Servo System
Estun ProNet Servo System

With a power range from 200W to 15kW, our new ProNet series servo system are introduced as our new standard package of servomotor and servo drive combination, to complement our other MCP servo system families of DSD/LSM economic servo system.

The advance flag ship is the ProNet series servodrive with the matched servomotor, which adds function including current forward-feedback control, acceleration forward-feedback control, speed and inertia viewer. This, in turn, enables the ProNet series servo drive to improve its response performance more than three times than previous products. Furthermore, its 'on-line automatic adjustment function' can achieve the best servo control effect. ProNet is also designed with expansion module interfaces. It has RS485 and CAN communication interface, in addition, it is able to support MODBUS, CANopen and PROFIBUS communication protocol.

ProNet systems are CE marked and ideal for the applications in a variety of industries such as: machine tools, packaging, textiles, semiconductors, processing, plastic and printing etc.

ProNet Servo System Features

  • Power range: 200W-15kW
  • Motor speed: 1000rpm, 1500rpm, 2000rpm and 3000rpm
  • IP rating up to IP65
  • 17-bit Incremental or absolute encoder, optional mounted resolver and brake etc. available
  • Large start-up torque on the motors
  • Cost effective servo system with torque control, speed control and position control functions
  • 8-node & 16-node build-in positioning points
  • Communication channels including I/O, RS232, RS485 and CAN communication
  • Support MODBUS and PROFIBUS communication protocol (ProNet)
  • Expansion module interface available
  • Windows-based software E-View
  • Strong overload capacity, better disturbance rejection control
  • CE marked

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