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Motor and Drive Systems

Motor and Drive Systems
Schneider Lexium32 Servo System

LexiumTM 32 is a servo drive range with three servo drive models (Lexium32 Compact, Lexium32 Advanced and Lexium32 Modular) to go with either BMH servomotors, giving extremely versatile, medium inertia features, or BSH series servomotor for highly dynamic, low inertia requirements. A full range of intelligent options can be chosen from three external encoder modules, safety module, large variety of fieldbus modules or I/O extension module. It provides OEMs and end users with the drive and motor combination that has exactly the right power, performance and functionality and that comes at the right price.

Motor and Drive Systems
Estun Servo System

With a power range from 200W to 15kW, our new EDC, and ProNet series servo system are introduced as our new standard package of servomotor and servo drive combination, to complement our other MCP servo system families of DSD/LSM economic servo system and BDS/BDM advanced servo system.