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Brushed Motors

PMDC Brushed Motors and Geared Motors
PMDC Brushed Motors & Geared Motors

MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS LTD supplies most types of brushed dc motors and geared motors from the most economic, iron core (PMDC) motors to high precision, coreless models (known as ironless rotor dc motors) and high power brushed dc servo motors. The variety and range of iron core PMDC motors available from MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS LTD surpasses that of other suppliers with product from 20 to 120mm, from light to heavy duty versions.

BDS Range Brushed DC Servo Motors
BDS Range Brushed DC Servo Motors

The BDS ranges of brushed DC Servomotors provide a high-torque-to-inertia ratio, giving fast acceleration and rapid dynamic response. With the Power range from 100W to 960W and continuous stall torque of 0.5Nm-4.5Nm, it can be further customised with encoders and / or tachgenerators to provide position and direction feedback. Motor frame sizes are available in 58mm, 82mm and 102mm.

Brushed DC Servo Motors
SIB Brushed Servo Motors

The SIB range are a complete range of DC Brushed Servo motors for use with Microspeed, Microspeed Plus, Minispeed and Masterspeed Servo Amplifiers.