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Linear Motors

Motion Control Products Ltd supply a wide range of brushless linear servo motors. Linear motors are direct drive servo motors, with the magnet track being statically mountable to a solid baseplate and the coil directly coupled to the moving load. The magnet tracks can be butted together to give almost unlimited length travel and operate in a similar way to standard rotary brushless servo motor technology. However, linear motors have key advantages over rotary servo motors such as higher precision, velocity, acceleration, accuracy and repeatability. There are only two fundamental parts to a linear motor:

  • Moving Coil
  • Fixed Magnet Track

There are two types of Linear Motor - Iron Core, and Ironless Core each of which have features that offer different performance characteristics dependent on the application. Iron core Linear Motors operate in conjunction with a single magnet track and are ideal for general automation applications whereas Ironless core Linear Motors are usually matched with a 'U' shape magnet track and offer superb smooth velocity/positioning control for high end applications.

The Motion Control Products Ltd Linear Motors come in two product family formats, Iron Core (ACM Series) and Ironless Core (AUM Series) :

ACM Series: Iron Core Brushless Motors
ACM Series: Iron Core Brushless Motors
The ACM series of linear brushless motors are Iron Core type, direct drive linear motors.
AUM Series: U Channel Ironless Brushless Motors
AUM Series: U Channel Ironless Brushless Motors
The AUM series of linear brushless motors are ironless direct drive linear motors. This means that the moving coil contains only copper wire and no iron.