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Stepper Motors with Integrated Electronics

Motion Control Products, as the sole UK & Ireland distributor of Schneider Electric Motion USA (formerly known as IMS), offers a vast range of stepper motors with integrated electronics- Lexium® MDrive and MDrive® Plus.

MDrivePlus series is the classic range in our integrated stepper family, which includes a hybrid stepper motor with integrated stepper drive or integrated stepper drive and controller.

Lexium® MDrive, a new-launched generation to replace MDrive Hybrid®, consists of the MDrivePlus models by using new Close-loop hmTechnology, which blends stepper and servo motor benefits. It has a hardware-based system for real-time response that delivers smooth movement while eliminating unintentional stalling. It also saves the energy, has lowers heat with variable current setting and enables operation at 100% of motor torque in Torque Mode which is a unique feature for stepper motors. Lexium MDrive is now a low cost alternative where brushless or servo technology is required.

Both MDrive integrated motors have step/direction input, motion control or EtherNet / CANOpen functions and enable the customers to limit machine wiring and cabinet space whilst enabling de-centralised motor control.

Lexium MDrive Integrated Stepper Motor + Drive/Controller

Lexium MDrive integrated motors feature game-changing hmTechnology in extremely compact, low cost integrated motion packages. It delivers the benefits of servo and stepper motor technologies, by preventing the loss of synchronisation due to transient or continued overload, extreme acceleration or deceleration, or excessive slew speed. Compared to MDrive Plus, it is equipped with better software programme, standarlises its connectors for ease of use and has better protection for hot plug-in. Supply voltages from +12 up to +70 VDC; Motor frame size available: NEMA17 (42mm) NEMA23 (57mm) and NEMA34 (86mm)

MDrivePlus Integrated Motor + Drive/Controller

MDrivePlus is a combination of stepper motor+drive integrated with controller, encoder, and power supply* (*only AC version). It has NEMA motor sizes 14, 17, 23 and 34 with the supply voltages from +12 up to +75 VDC or 120 & 240 VAC. It has step/direction input, motion control or CANopen versions available, with optional IP54, encoders, gearboxes, QuickStart kits and more.