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Direct Drive Torque Motors

Motion Control Products Ltd supply a range of brushless Direct Drive Torque Motors, our ACD, ADR, ATR & ACW Series for industy automation and semi-conductor industry.
A range of brushless Direct Drive Torque Motors, our ACD, ADR, ATR & ACW Series

Motion Control Products offer a family of Direct Drive Rotary Motors (DDR) using coreless technology. These brushless motors have zero cogging, ensuring very smooth motion even at low speeds (low velocity ripple). The low inductance of the motor coils also means faster response and settling. The models in the torque motors family include: ACD, ADR (ADR-A series and ADR-P series), ATR & ACW series.

The diameter of the torque motors are from 110mm, 135mm, 175mm, 220mm to 360mm. All the motors are integrated with high resolution encoder, with options of 81,920 counts/rev, 819,200 counts/rev or SINCOS (can be interpolated to 8,388,608 counts/rev)

Main Features:

  • Direct drive, zero cogging coreless motor
  • Encoder options of SINCOS or digital
  • Precise homing through index pulse
  • Fast response and settling
  • Smooth motion even at low speeds (low velocity ripple)

Torque Motor General Selection Guide

ADR-A Series
  • High torque density
  • Small form factor
  • Sizes:110mm, 135mm, 175mm, 220mm, 360mm
All types of applications

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ADR-P Series
  • Similar to ADR-A Series but offered as frameless motors
  • Sizes: 110mm, 135mm, 175mm, 220mm, 360mm
Applications that have space constraint, and customised design of mounting is required (eg. Robots)

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ADR-B Series
  • Direct drive, brushless motor integrated with encoder and bearing
  • Low cogging torque
  • Precise homing through index pulse
  • Large centre hole
  • Sizes:110mm, 135mm, 175mm, 220mm

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ACD Series
  • Zero cogging torque
  • Smooth motion at low speed; low velocity ripple
  • Light weight
Applications requiring smooth motion at low speed

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AXD Series
  • Low cogging torque
  • Low profile with large centre hole
  • High torque, compact size
  • Precise homing through index pulse
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ACW Series
  • Large centre hole
  • Low profile
  • Zero cogging torque
Alignment of semiconductor wafer plat panel etc.

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