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MC4U Control System for multi-axis motion control

MC4U Control System for multi-axis motion control
For applications that require high performance, flexible drive configuration and logic control

The MC4U modular control system, a new ACS Motion Control product, is designed for multi-axis motion control applications that require high performance, flexible drive configuration, PLC motion and logic control. The MC4U provides the flexibility of up to 8 integral servo drives and 64 distributed axes via CANopen. The MC4U software package is optimized for motion control applications and provides tools for easy setup, tuning, and programming and application simulation.

Tailor-Made, Evolutionary & Cheaper Control Solution

The Motion Control world is highly diversified in its needs: user requirements differ significantly, allowing very little product standardization. The market demand is for an integrated customized solution of both Machine and Motion Control with multi-axes and networking support on the one hand and a cost effective solution on the other hand.

The Market - High Performance Production, Test or Inspection OEMs

Developed for production, test and inspection equipment involving flat panel displays, semiconductors, electronic assembly, general automation or medical applications, the MC4U is the first tailor-made solution that addresses the customized motion and machine control needs of OEMs.

All in one solution:
  • High precision
  • Axes synchronization
  • Motion and PLC
  • High Dynamics
  • Complex Kinetics
Customer Benefits - More Features for Less Money

The MC4U cost-effective approach takes into account the total cost of ownership:
  • Reduced price through customization - every customer pays and gets exactly what is needed, without spending money on unecessary premiums.
  • Lower cost through integration - the MC4U is a flexible automation controller that integrates the drives and power supplies with the high performance SPiiPlus 3U control module. The MC4U lowers the cost of controlling 2-8 demanding axes by eliminating the need for individual intelligent controllers for each axis. The host computer no longer needs to manage the network and can simply interface with the single all-in-one control module.
  • Improved delivery time - the assembly time has been shortened since the MC4U is made from standard off-the-shelf components. As a result, the delivery time for fast prototypes or low volumes stands at 1-2 weeks ARO only, and for integrating specific customer requirements is up to 3 months ARO.
  • Reduced maintenance costs - the modular MC4U approach offers the components as field replaceable units (FRU), without replacing the entire system.
New MC4U Features - Flexible Software, Multi-Axes & Networking

Multi-axes - an 8-axis controller that supports additional I/O, up to 64 additional axes of servo and steppers using a CAN bus network.

Multi language - programming in IEC61131-3, PLCopen and ACSPL+.

Software Package - enables the implementation of highly complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing and enhanced diagnostic tools. The free motion simulator can be downloaded at ACS website.

Networking - Controls up to 64 extended axes and I/O modules via CAN bus.

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