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SPiiPlus SAR-LT stand-alone multi-axis motion controller is a RoHS compliant motion controller.

SPiiPlus SAR-LT stand-alone multi-axis motion controller is a RoHS compliant motion controller. Designated the SPiiPlus SAR-LT, this economical two, four, six or eight-axis motion controller is designed to enhance the performance of OEM machinery that requires multi-axis synchronisation by providing swift and smooth motion at a high resolution without compromising accuracy and throughput.

This advanced, yet economical motion control model provides the customers sophisticated motion control and maximises the performance of the OEM equipment. It can be implemented in systems with both servo motors & stepper motors and can support a wide range of modes, including point-to-point, jog, segmented, master-slave and arbitrary path with PVT cubic interpolation.

The SPiiPlus SAR-LT motion controller is ideal for OEM machinery that requires multi-axis synchronisation with various motor types, such as liner servo motors, piezo ceramic, direct drive rotary, voice coil and low EMI linear amplifiers in applications including semiconductor manufacturing, wafer inspection, electronic assembly, printing and packaging.

  • An economical two, four, six or eight-axis stand-alone motion controller.
  • Provides opto-isolated single ended position event generator (PEG) and position registration (MARK) I/Os.
  • Obtains accurate motion control with 20kHz sampling rate.
  • Supports Hall Commutation: feedback types include incremental digital encoders, and 3 hall inputs for initiating commutation.
  • Features third-order profile generation with on-the-fly velocity, acceleration, jerk and target position changes.
  • Furnished with a simple and convenient D-Type connectivity for interfacing with servo amplifiers, digital encoders as well as analog I/O.
  • Features advanced logic capabilities and IEC 61131-3 programming as well as expansion capability through its option CANOpen interface.
  • CANopen network master with up to 64 nodes of drives and IOs.
  • Has the same control architecture as all other SPiiPlus products.
  • Designed to operate standalone or with a host/MMI via Ethernet or serial communication.
  • Modbus protocol as master or slave is supported via Ethernet or Serial channels.
  • Able to meet the application requirements for robotic control all the way to XY stage point to point positioning.

Optimised for motion control applications, ACS' powerful software tools provide easy setup, tuning and programming and application simulation. The software enables the implementation of highly complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing. The motion simulator can be downloaded freely. Please contact us for details.

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